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Artist Bernadette Carter

Artist Bernadette Carter paints landscapes and seascapes, portraits that evoke a sense of warmth and intimacy and often feature children

An Overview of the Work of Artist Bernadette Carter

Bernadette Carter is an artist based in Gorey, Wexford. She has had her work exhibited widely across Ireland, including at the RHA Gallagher Gallery in Dublin, Trinity Gallery Dublin, Green Acres Gallery Wexford, and Oireachtas Annual and Eigse Carlow. Her vibrant works are inspired by Irish culture and everyday life, with a focus on landscapes and seascapes. This blog post will provide insight into her artwork and how it reflects her background.

Bernadette’s Artwork
Bernadette’s artworks typically feature bright colours juxtaposed against a muted background. Many of her pieces depict Irish landscapes or seascapes—from country roads to rolling hills to the ever-changing ocean horizon. Her signature style combines realism with impressionistic elements; she captures both the beauty and intensity of nature in her artworks using oil paints, acrylics, charcoal and mixed media techniques.

In addition to landscapes and seascapes, Bernadette also creates portraits that evoke a sense of warmth and intimacy. In these pieces—which often feature children or animals—she focuses on capturing emotion through expression rather than strict realism. Her use of vivid colours lends a vibrancy to these works that draws viewers in effortlessly.

Drawing Inspiration from Irish Culture
Bernadette’s artworks are deeply rooted in Irish culture. She takes inspiration from traditional Irish music as well as from the stories shared among family members and friends growing up in Wexford County where she currently resides. She often finds herself drawn to old churches, castles ruins and ancient monuments when looking for subject matter for her artwork—capturing their beauty while also conveying the spirit of past generations who once lived there.

The artwork of Bernadette Carter is an exploration into Irish culture and history through landscape painting as well as portraiture work that speaks to humanity’s universal experiences such as love, joy, grief and sorrow. From vibrant seascapes to captivating portraits that convey a deep sense of emotion—every piece created by this talented artist reflects an appreciation for Ireland’s heritage while embodying a modern aesthetic all its own. Whether you’re looking for a piece that celebrates your heritage or one that captures your favourite view of Ireland’s countryside—Bernadette’s work is sure to add some colour, life and meaning to any home or office space! Check out her paintings for sale on art4you Ireland’s online art gallery



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