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Artist Brian Scampton

Brian Scampton - A Professional Artist Specializing in Coastal and Urban Landscapes

Brian Scampton – A Professional Artist Specializing in Coastal and Urban Landscapes

Irish seascape painting County Antrim - A painting of the early morning mist over the sea at Whitepark Bay in County Antrim, Northern Ireland

For over two decades, Brian Scampton has been a professional artist specializing in coastal and urban landscapes. His work is characterized by his interest in the atmospheric effects and emotional power of light, shadow, and color. In his paintings he strives to create a quiet and contemplative mood. If you are looking for artwork that captures the beauty and atmosphere of seascapes, then Brian’s work would be perfect for your collection.

Brian’s portfolio includes rural homesteads, lighthouses, sandy coves, ancient ruined fortresses, disused boathouses and other remnants of past habitations. He works with both acrylics and oils to bring alive his motifs in stunning detail. His subject matter is varied but he focuses mainly on depicting elements of sky, sea and coastal land with an eye for capturing the subtle nuances of light and shade within each scene. He also pays great attention to composition to ensure that each painting evokes an emotional response from the viewer.

Shore Rock - Irish seascape painting by Irish artist. A painting of a rock on the shore of Lough Foyle. Ireland's online art

Brian is highly respected among collectors for his ability to recreate a sense of tranquility in each painting through use of light and shadow as well as color palette. His works have been displayed throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, North America as well as Ireland where he currently resides. He also offers commissions if you would like him to paint something special for you or your loved one.

It is no surprise that so many art fans admire the work of Brian Scampton since it reflects his deep appreciation for nature’s beauty combined with skillful technique demonstrated through years of practice. Whether you are looking to add a sophisticated piece to your art collection or simply want a unique gift idea, be sure to check out Brian’s body of work today! You won’t be disappointed! Buy his art on Ireland’s online art gallery

Irish seascape painting of Lough Foyle Donegal by Irish artist. Check out our large selection of paintings of famous places in Ireland

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