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Artist Ciano

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The Creative Journey of Ciano, the Cork Artist

Ciano is a abstract artist from Cork, Ireland who creates large-scale expressive paintings that are imbued with unfettered emotion. His work is an ever-changing fusion of acrylics, spray paint and mixed media that illuminates the sentiments that resonate within us all. His creative journey began in childhood when his drawing and painting skills earned him numerous awards. Today, let’s explore his artistry and discover how he has mastered his craft to become one of Ireland’s most sought after artists.

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Ciano’s Artistic Process
When creating, Ciano begins with a blank canvas and then lets his emotions lead the way. He employs everything from brushstrokes to layers of material to convey what he calls “the chaotic visceral nature of the human experience”. He uses vivid colors like red and yellow to create tension while calming blues and greens allow for moments of peace in his works. Using these colors as a palette, he creates a landscape filled with abstract shapes to bring out a sense of movement in his pieces. He also adds texture by combining different materials such as wood or metal which add depth to his work.

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The Influence of Nature on His Work
Nature has been a major influence on Ciano’s work since childhood when he would spend time outdoors observing wildlife which he often incorporates into his pieces. For example, birds are often featured in many of his works depicting freedom or movement through life’s struggles or changes in our lives. Animals also feature prominently in some of his works conveying the idea that we can learn from them about life and how it can be unpredictable yet beautiful at times. Additionally, Ciano believes that nature helps give us clarity by allowing us to take time away from everyday life so we can reflect on our own experiences and emotions without distractions. This idea is often seen in many of Ciano’s pieces where we see abstract figures surrounded by nature as if they were taking refuge in it for comfort or clarity during their own journey through life’s complexities.


Ciano has certainly come far since earning art awards during childhood; today he is one of Ireland’s most sought after artists who continues to push boundaries with each masterpiece he produces! Through bold strokes and powerful color palettes, Ciano creates works that speak directly to our souls about our own personal journeys through life’s complexities — even if only for a moment — leaving us feeling inspired as we move forward on our paths towards self-discovery and growth. If you would like to learn more about the artist or purchase one of his unique works please visit

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