Distance Between Us


  • Original artwork signed  by Chris Quinlan
  • Dimensions: Canvas 38″ × 38″ ‐  90 × 90 cm
  • Material: acrylic on canvas
  • Shipping: Free worldwide
  • Frame: White modern style frame
Artist: Chris Quinlan Art


About “Distance Between Us” 

Colourful impressionistic contemporary original painting. This is acrylic on canvas. An atmospheric  park sunset painting with couple walking through. It’s depicted as a bright new prospective future after a daunting beginning to 2020. Painting completed in July 2020

Dedicated to all who were lost in these terrible times and to the families affected.

“Always in my heart, the distance between us now” Chris Quinlan

“The sun will shine on humanity tomorrow  but only  if humanity stands apart today ”  – Chris Quinlan

About Chris Quinlan Art

Chris began painting full time in 1999. He is well known for his unique signature style of painting, with much of his work residing in private and corporate collections worldwide.
Chris paints with a unique and original impressionistic technique, with an eye-catching blend of rich colours and bold textures, a very inviting and vivid style.


Artists Statement

” My paintings are the result of my desire and passion to paint. Painting gives me the privilege of creating my own order to things, to reflect who I am on this colorful journey of self discovery and to be unafraid to share what I find.

My intended goal is to capture and communicate life’s experiences, moments and memories and convey my painted definition to the viewer. To draw the viewer into the piece and to stimulate and inspire them with its textures and colour.

Influenced by colours I see, feel and experience. I am in awe of and thoroughly inspired by the old impressionists with their play of objects and light.

I will require a thousand lifetimes and a million canvases to paint all the concepts of my imagination.”

Chris Quinlan


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Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 1.2 cm


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