• Art Medium: Acrylic on canvas
  • Original or Print: Original
  • Size: 52 x 52 cms
  • Framed
  • Size Type: Medium

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Artist: Chris Quinlan Art

Textured palette knife paintings by

Chris Quinlan Art

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An abstract textured painting. This is acrylic on canvas. An original and unique abstract painting by Irish artist Chris Quinlan.

An atmospheric twilight sunset painting with palette knife work.

A unique and original texture piece of a loving couple walking hills through colourful trees and leaves toward a sunset casting  light on the landscape.

About Chris Quinlan Art

Chris began painting full time in 1999. He is well known for his unique signature style of painting, with much of his work residing in private and corporate collections worldwide.

Chris paints with a unique and original impressionistic technique, with an eye-catching blend of rich colours and bold textures, a very inviting and vivid style.

Artists Statement

Chris Quinlan is an Irish artist painting full time since 1999, he uses palette knives to apply acrylics or oils to canvas.

His unique and original painting style can be described as chromo luminarism or divisionism and his subject matter is mainly derived from nature fused with personal experiences and memories.

His work has evolved overtime to become an eye-catching blend of rich colors and bold textures, an inviting and vivid style with intimacy and atmosphere.

“ My paintings are the result of my desire and passion to paint. Painting gives me the privilege of creating my own order to things, to reflect who I am on this colorful journey of self discovery and to be unafraid of what I find “

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 52 × 52 × 1 cm
Art Medium



Abstract, Landscape, Motivational, People, Places, Sunset

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