Our 14-day money back guarantee: If you are not completely happy with your piece, return it to the artist in its original condition and we will refund you the price of the artwork. Here’s what to do:

  1. Email us within 14 days of receiving your order.
  2. After you notify us, return the piece to the artist/seller. It must be received by them within 14 working days of receipt of original delivery to you.
  3. When the artist/seller receives the piece in its original condition we will fully refund you for it.

The following conditions apply:

  • You must pay for both the original delivery to you and the return delivery to the artist/seller.
  • Return the piece at your own risk and cost.
  • Artwork that has been returned damaged or not in its original condition will not be refunded.
  • Returns do not apply to prints, photographs, special offers and deals, special orders and commissions or swapped artwork.

How to return the artwork:

  • Keep all paperwork related to the piece, including receipts and notifications.
  • If possible, return the piece in its original packaging or similar. Remember, you are responsible for its safe return.
  • Include the delivery slip in the package.

Returning damaged goods:

If you have received a damaged piece, notify us within 24 hours of receipt.

  1. Keep all original packaging.
  2. We will advise you on how to return the piece to the artist/seller.
  3. Once this has been done, we will fully refund you the cost of the artwork and delivery to you.


  1. Cancellation of orders cannot be made after the piece has been dispatched.
  2. If you cancel before dispatch, we will refund you within 14 working days from date of cancellation.
  3. Cancellation cannot be made on prints, photographs, special orders, commissions, special deals or offers or swapped artwork.