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What do I get? Get your work online through a website that is easy to use.

Get your own gallery shop and display up to 25 artworks. Sell prints as well as original artwork. Avail of our up to date SEO technology, strong social media presence, online exhibitions, e-marketing and traditional marketing. Link to your social media and connect with admirers and followers of your work.

Our low rates include 30% commission for artwork sales


You may wish to go with our other option of an annual membership of €50 which will have lower commission rates- 20% for artwork sales.

Can I Place My Account on Hold or Cancel it? Yes to both! Just email us. There are no cancellation fees. However, there is also no refund of signing up fee.

Can I Display My Artwork in Other Places? Absolutely! But keep in mind that you have to dispatch your artwork within five working days after a sale is made. Also, you must not advertise a piece for an amount less than that displayed on for the same piece. You must delete a piece from your account with if the piece has been sold elsewhere.

As an Seller, What is Required of Me? You must be over 18 years of age to sell work on this site. Display your best work. Use quality jpeg or ping images of your artwork. They must be focused, accurate in colour and at least 800 x 600 pixels. Reply swiftly and courteously to questions and queries. Dispatch your piece within five working days after the sale is made with the exception of custom made pieces or specially adjusted pieces. Maintain an updated account displaying art and prints that are available. Include all information that is relevant to you and your work. Keep us notified if you are planning on a holiday or cannot fulfill an order for any reason.

How do I Price My Artwork? It’s your blood, sweat, and tears so you should price it! But keep in mind the cost of materials, packaging, framing, and shipping. Also, think about market conditions – don’t set a price that is unrealistic. However, this must be balanced by not underselling your work. If you do this, you run the risk of setting a low standard for your work. Include VAT in the selling price if you are registered. This is your responsibility, not ours!

What About Prints? You can sell prints online, as long as they meet our high standards of excellence.

What’s the Difference Between an Open Edition and a Limited Edition Print? An Open Edition means there is an unlimited amount of prints available. A limited edition means only a fixed amount of prints are available: these are signed and numbered and are therefore sold at a higher price.

Free Delivery

You may offer your customers free shipping, worldwide or in specified countries. Learn how to do this by looking in your account info or email us!


If, for any reason you foresee that the item won’t be dispatched within five days of sale, notify us immediately. All pieces must be shipped with a tracking number and original work must be signed for on arrival. Let us know the tracking number when you receive it so that the buyer can be informed.

Necessary Paperwork for International Deliveries

1 Mailing label (Airway bill).

2 Commercial Invoices – two copies are signed and dated and placed in an envelope that is attached to the exterior of the package.

3 Artwork declaration. Complete, sign and place in an envelope with the invoice.


We offer a seven-day money back guarantee on all artwork we sell, except on special offer, artwork that has been especially adjusted at the buyer’s request or artwork that is shipped outside the EU, USA and Canada.  The buyer must return the piece in its original condition within 14 days of delivery. The buyer pays for the delivery cost of returning the piece and is responsible for its safe return. We will not be held responsible for any damaged or undelivered returns.


An order may be cancelled anytime before dispatch. Special orders swapped artwork or artwork that has been especially altered at buyer’s request cannot be cancelled.

Damaged Goods

If the buyer receives an artwork that has been damaged in transit, he/she must notify us within 24 hours and we will advise on the return of the artwork to you, the seller. After this has happened, we fully refund the buyer including the cost of delivery. Artwork that had been poorly packaged will not be covered by insurance.


If you are selling prints we ask only that they be of excellent quality. We strongly suggest that your work be professionally photographed or scanned for our site and that you use professional printing services. Keep in mind, the quality of the print you send is your responsibility. If you send a substandard print, the buyer will be refunded by us but you will have to pay shipping costs. You also must be the creator or owner of the copyright for the original artwork. All limited edition prints must be numbered and signed by you and you must not sell more prints than the number allocated to that edition.

Tips for Taking Photos of Your Art

Take high-quality photographs of your work by doing the following:

1 Ensure that the lens is clean.

2 Clear your memory card to ensure there is no shadowing.

3 Use a tripod.

4 Set up your work on a surface that is level and solid.

5 Turn off the camera’s stabilizer if it has one.

6 Use the lowest ISO setting possible.

7 Use the highest RAW or jpeg setting possible.

8 Change sRGB setting to RGB.

9 Set zoom to middle position and move your tripod back until the artwork fits into the viewfinder.

10 Turn off flash.

11 Match the format of the work by turning the camera vertical or horizontal.

12 Make sure lighting is diffused.

13 Avoid artificial lighting that is too strong.

14 Adjust exposure setting so that it meets the brightness of the work.

15 avoid camera shake by using the timer.

Now you are ready to take excellent quality photos of your original artwork!

Tips for Packaging

Remember, you can offer free worldwide shipping for your piece as an incentive to potential buyers and you can add the price of packaging into the overall cost of the work. Poorly packaged items will not be covered by post insurance. Take a good quality photo of your work before you send it and date the photo. Know the weight and size of your artwork. Always ensure that you have enough packing materials to hand.

More Tips!

Check that your piece is dry before dispatching.

Two paintings should be placed back to back.

Use a box that is slightly larger than the artwork to allow for safety padding on all sides.

Make sure your artwork doesn’t move in the finished package.

Keep bubble wrap away from the surface of your painting as it will leave marks.

Use reinforced, waterproof packing tape.

All openings should be taped closed.


Attach a label stating artist’s name and title of the work to the back of the painting. Use a permanent marker to label the package in this way:

‘FRAGILE’ on all sides of the package


‘OPEN HERE’ where the package should be opened.

Cover paper labels with clear tape to keep dry. Tape unpacking and packing instructions to the outside of the package.

Shipping Artwork with Glass

If you choose to ship with glass, be extra careful. Apply tape in a criss-cross manner over the glass to help prevent breakage. Also, products can be bought to protect the glass in a package e.g. Air Float Glass Skin. The Glass Skin is a protective tape applied to the whole surface of the glass so that if it shatters it stays in place, minimizing damage to your artwork.

Packing Framed Artwork

1 All sides of the artwork should have three inches of space for packing material.

2 Wrap your piece in tissue paper, preferably acid free.

3 Bubble wrap your piece entirely.

4 Pipe insulation tubing is recommended for extra protection to frame.

5 Pack all internal spaces so that the artwork doesn’t move inside the package.

Packing Unframed Artwork

1 When handling unframed artwork, use soft gloves or, if you don’t have these, use tissue paper to help protect the piece.

2 Keep your artwork safe and dry by wrapping it in acid free tissue paper and plastic.

3 Create corner protectors by folding four sheets of cardboard into triangular shapes.

4 For protecting the back of the artwork, the corner protectors can be fixed to a backing board or a foamcore.

5 Protect both sides of artwork by using strong, dry cardboard free from dirt.

6 Sheets of corrugated cardboard can be used to cover the artwork.

7 For extra protection, consider a mirror box.

Packing Sculptures

1 Cover the top half of your piece with bubble wrap to excess.

2 Make the bubble wrap overlap with top half and allow for excess at the bottom. Cover the bottom of sculpture with bubble wrap and tape securely.

3 Use a correct sized box and fill it with packing material until it is 1/3 full. Then make a space for your sculpture to fit in. Once settled, surround the piece with packing materials so there is no movement.

Large and Irregular Artworks

1 For large or heavy artworks, a wooden palette will make loading and unloading a lot easier.

2 Handling charges may be imposed on large or irregular shaped artworks by shipping companies.

3 Any sharp edges should be covered with cardboard and tape.

4 Make sure you tape labels on a flat surface of the package.

Making Wooden Crates

1 Get the dimensions of your artwork and cut lengths of wood to fit them.

2 Except for the top piece of the crate, which will need to be opened and closed, screw the lengths of wood together.

3 Make sure the crate is a snug fit to keep the artwork protected against movement while in transit.

4 The artwork should be accessible at the top of the crate for ease of packing and unpacking and customs inspections.

5 Cut two lengths of plywood to fit the frame.

6 Secure one of the boards to the frame using screws and wood glue.

7 Line the inside surface of the piece of wood with bubble wrap and place the artwork inside.

8 A sheet of acid free tissue paper will go a long way toward protecting the surface of your art.

9 Completely cover the piece with bubble wrap.

10 Secure on to the crate the second length of wood which will act as a lid.

Note to Seller: These tips are general guidelines only. We won’t be held responsible for any item damaged in transit.