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The Art of Aia Leu: A Journey Through Landscape and Spirit

Aia Leu is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Kenmare, Ireland.

Aia Leu is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Kenmare, Ireland.

Her paintings are inspired by the natural beauty of the Irish landscape, as well as her own spiritual journey. Leu’s work is characterized by its vibrant colors, bold brushstrokes, and dreamlike atmosphere.


Aia Leu was born in Switzerland in 1971. She spent her childhood in India, and this early exposure to different cultures and religions has had a profound influence on her art. Leu’s paintings often feature symbols from different religious traditions, such as the lotus flower, the tree of life, and the sun.

Aia Leu moved to Ireland in 1989, and she has been living and working in Kenmare ever since. The Irish landscape is a major source of inspiration for her work. She often paints the mountains, the sea, and the forests of Kerry. Leu’s paintings are also inspired by her own spiritual journey. She is a practicing Buddhist, and her paintings often reflect her Buddhist beliefs.

Aia work has been exhibited in galleries and exhibitions all over Ireland. She has also illustrated several books. Her art can be bought on, an online art gallery that features a wide variety of original Irish art for sale.

Macgillycuddy’s Reeks sunrise over the mountains - Irish Landscape painting - The sun glints off the mountain peaks of the Kerry Mountains

Aia Leu is a talented artist who is creating beautiful and thought-provoking work. Her paintings are a journey through landscape and spirit, and they offer a glimpse into the artist’s own unique vision of the world.

The Bay – Derrynane, county Kerry. Irish seascape painting -summer sun glints off the sea as the path follows the shoreline of Derrynane Bay


If you are interested in learning more about Aia Leu’s work, you can follow her on social media. You can also purchase her paintings from her online store or from


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this blog post about Aia Leu. I encourage you to explore her work and to see for yourself why she is one of Ireland’s most exciting contemporary artists.

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