Cian O'Connor

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Cian O'Connor ("Ciano") is a contemporary Irish artist, renowned for his large, thought-provoking abstract artworks. Hailing from Cork, Ireland, since 2012 he has embarked on a journey of self-rediscovery through his art. His work represents a fearless exploration of color and expressionism, with each piece serving as a gateway to a world of personal interpretation and meaningful connections. His work encourages contemplation and exploration..

Artistic Process:

Cian's artistic process is a dynamic interplay of spontaneity and intent, where he navigates each canvas with an open heart. Using acrylics, graffiti markers, spray paint, mixed media, and collage, his work becomes a vibrant exploration of human emotion. His pieces often lean towards an appreciation for the underground subcultures of the human spirit, where freedom of expression and individuality are embraced. The result is a collection of thought-provoking pieces, a harmonious blend of urban energy and ethereal beauty. Through this delicate dance, Cian invites viewers to immerse themselves in the profound complexity of the human experience captured in each piece.

Investing in Original Art:

Cian is a firm believer in the transformative power of investing in original art. His expansive, contemporary statement pieces serve as perfect additions to adorn the vacant wall spaces in your home or business. Original art possesses an unparalleled energy and personal connection that printed reproductions struggle to capture. Each piece narrates a unique story, ignites conversations, and infuses character into any environment.

When you acquire one of Cian's original artworks, it goes beyond a mere purchase; it's an investment in an emotional journey. You're securing a fragment of the artist's soul, a creation that resonates intimately with your own, making your space a canvas for shared stories and profound connections.


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