Peter Homan

I am an Irish artist based in Dublin. I am hugely inspired by the elements, landscapes and my surroundings. I paint with oil paint and fire #firepainting. After setting my canvas on fire to achieve the texture and ground color I need, I then let it cool. After cooling somewhat I then paint into the piece with more paint and fire to create the paintings that you see.

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Peter Homan's art is created from a world of contradictions and experimentation. He was born in Dublin and has spent all his life living in that urban environment, but his art has consistently been influenced by the natural world beyond the city limits. He received a Degree in Fine Art in DLAIDT in 2004, but despite this he considers himself to be a largely self-taught artist.

Through his career Peter has explored many different topics in his art using a wide variety of painting techniques. He also draws inspiration from a huge range of other artists in whose footsteps he walks. He used mixed media on canvas to explore the lives of tribal Africans, this lead him to spend time with the Maasai of Kenya in 2006. As a result of this he created a series of paintings which were included in an exhibition he curated, 'With Grace' to support an African based charity.

Peter was then inspired by Renaissance and Baroque religious iconography to create a new series of paintings 'Saints and Sinners' which took over two years to paint. For this 2009 exhibition he took gay Irish men and women and placed them in scenes reminiscent of paintings by Caravaggio. In placing gay celebrities such as, Sen. David Norris, Graham Norton, Panti and the late Stephen Gately, empowered Peters work to challenge us with the question of the saints’ sexuality within the church and what that would mean.


Peter has also exhibited his work in numerous group shows and a range of notable galleries in Dublin. He has been commissioned by private collectors, and has completed a number of commercial projects in public buildings. He was invited on two occasions to spend time in Noelle Campbell-Sharpe's artists’ colony at Ballinskelligs, Cill Rialaigh in Co. Kerry, here he created a series of paintings of the coastal landscapes, one of which now hangs in the Department of Justice. Cill Rialaigh is also were Peters relationship with #firepainting begin. Accidently setting fire to a painting one morning, Peter decided to explore the possibility of use of fire within his work, incorporating and perfecting his technique.

‘I am Homan’ is a new series of fire paintings which is opening in the Copperhouse Gallery in June 2016. For this exhibition Peter has taken his struggle with chronic pain and through imagination of escapism forged these abstract pieces. This exhibition is inspired by the light within our landscape and the darkness and hope within.

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