Valerie Dennigan

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Living and growing up in the Irish countryside meant I was always surrounded by nature and it’s abundance of color. Autumn was always a favorite time for me, long walks through woodlands of leaves with their rustic fusion of color. Winter a colder time, bare trees covered in snow, with only the robin and holly giving a vivid dash of color against the coldness of the day. Springs arrival of new beginnings, young lambs on lush green fields , yellow daffodils, purple crocus. Then Summer, long walks on golden sandy beaches bright blue skies. In retrospect, all of this has influenced what I paint and the colors I use.
As I got older fashion became important to me and making sure I got the right balance with color was always important. I enjoyed making it work.
Later I studied interior design, where I enjoyed creating harmonious interiors, combining my love for color, texture, and form. Starting with an empty room and creating the end product was always so rewarding.
However, it was when I enrolled in an art class that I found another joy in putting colors together. Learning how to mix paint, blend colors and create a painting on a blank canvas is for me one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done. I try to in as much as I can spend a few hours every day either thinking of new ideas for my next painting, looking up subjects of interest to paint taking photographs, changing photographs. Then the joy of starting a new painting is finally born.
My art has evolved from basic drawing skills, figurative ballet studies, still life, floral studies, landscape, to more recently abstract painting. Originally I painted in oils but today I work with acrylic paint. I always look forward to the next new project from the inception of the idea to the final creation and feel there is always a part of me in every painting.

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