Ali Howell

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Ali Howell was born into a typically large Irish family of the 60s and raised in
Dublin. From a very early age Ali always showed an interest and passion for all
forms of art. Well noticed by her parents she was encouraged to pursue this at
every opportunity. Her childhood is littered with memories of receiving art supplies
as gifts for nearly every Christmas and Birthday present.

As a young adult, Ali moved to Jersey in the Channel Islands and settled there for
16 years. She worked as a seasonal worker and was able to continue to explore
her craft. This picturesque island did not only became her home but also allowed
her to soak up the vibrancy and colours of the nature that surrounded her - which
is still present in her art today. Travelling has always been a key part of her life and
having travelled around the world, she took inspiration from many of the local arts
and crafts markets in places such as Bali, Hawaii, Australia and Singapore to name
but a few. Ali finally settled back home to Ireland in 2003, where her homeland's
provocative character encouraged her once more to pick up a paint brush. On
returning, she dabbled through many mediums such as silk, acrylic, pottery and
charcoal, finally discovering a love for oil which she believes gives her the most
freedom to achieve her visions on canvas.

Although Ali believes she is still a student of the arts and constantly learning, her
themes always include an infusion of Irish heritage and fantastical colours taken
from her life experiences. She loves to use texture as a device to bring her art to
life, creating stories with her images. With oil being her primary medium she makes
sure to use the pallet knife to its full potential creating strokes which build layers,
diversity and movement on her canvases. Ali works with bright colours and loose
forms to encourage her viewers imagination to fill in the details that are merely
suggested by her expressive hand. She hopes that her art can evoke curiosity and
conversation in a sometimes ordinary world. Today Ali's art has nearly travelled as
much as she has, adorning walls across Ireland and overseas.

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