Capella Van Ryan

Capella Van Ryan is the original abstract artist of the pieces known as Van Ryan’s. Sold worldwide. Acrylic on Canvas.

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Capella Van Ryan, is now a featured abstract artist in magazines from this fall. Featuring in the Gibraltar Magazine for her renown work around the US, UK and Europe. After being an artist for the past several years, her career has reached new heights, since becoming a known author and model. This has plummeted her artist career in America very successfully. Her art has been accepted by many limelight art galleries from London, to Santa Monica and Santa Barbara. Now featured on regular radio shows (100 this year alone) to highlight her success. In reflection, the prices of a Van Ryan is rising as fast as her profile. Her work is loved by those who cherish interesting art, art which makes a mind question, pause and think. Famous for her ability to relate to human nature, expressing deep meaning in her creations. Having had many solo exhibits from LA, Beverly Hills, Malibu and New York which always prove a success by those her follow her career.

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