Elena Zaytseva

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I am an Irish - Russian artist with 10 years of experience. I started my art as a self-taught artist who loved the beauty of nature and who had wished to express it on a piece of the canvas since childhood. Later I participated in workshops of contemporary Russian impressionistic and realistic artists in Moscow, took workshops by local Irish artists. I follow art exhibitions at National Irish Galery, Art Basel ( Switzerland), Love your Home Show in Dublin and others to learn contemporary art and trends in Art Industry. But any doubts my favourite artists are Claude Monet, Van Gog and Isaak Levitan. Recently I graduated from The Interior Design Institute (Dublin). Knowledge and skills I have gained at this course help me create harmonious and elegant pieces. I have sold my works at the local marketplace in Dundalk, Co. Louth for a few years. And now I would like to share my art worldwide. I thrill flowers, sea, landscapes and use for my inspiration the magnificent nature of Ireland and other beautiful places that I have had the happiness to find.

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