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Noreen Gallagher is an abstract expressionist. Her love for art began in high school in Ireland where she studied History of Art as well as having the opportunity to put her skills to the test. She was encouraged by high grades in the Leaving Cert Examination.

Following many years of struggle in her personal life, she turned to art to find solace for her soul. She attended art classes and workshops in Ireland, United Kingdom, United States and Spain. In 2009 her passion was reignited when she picked up a book on Renoir and his works at a yard sale. In 2014 she began to take art more seriously, a short time later she had a solo exhibition in Omagh (Northern Ireland) library.

Whilst struggling through marital breakdown she poured herself into writing poetry and short stories. She spent hours painting. Often plein de air at her Missouri home in hot sunshine. It gave her purpose and provided much needed healing. She had her work displayed in a local gift shop in Branson Missouri. USA. And also attended weekly workshops in the Finley River Art Gallery in Ozarks Missouri USA.

Traveling extensively offered flexibility and opportunity to indulge her passion for art and the healing it offered. There was freedom in both. Diversity in culture and a oneness in connection with other artists and art lovers. Her connection and participation with other artists and writers gave her that connection everywhere she went; She was encouraged and enriched by these experiences.

The aesthetic in Noreen’s work is that oneness with nature and her Creator. Her love for trees/hedges and grasses is reflected using various shades of green while delightful blues are used to introduce water scenes. Noreen’s work is vibrant, alive with colour and energetic. She ‘brings to life’ autumn leaves and ditches. Masterpieces that are sure to enhance any room. Inspired by nature she flows through the seasons of life. Her work reflects this ebb and flow of life. For her capturing a freedom, beauty and a peace, often over-looked.

She desires to embrace and capture the peace, joy and stillness in nature and share this passion through her art. Healing and restoration bring her hope and joy. Her aim is to share this with others and be an encouragement to them.

Noreen continues to develop her skills; and continues her practice in her home studio – in Northern Ireland. Using a palette knife, she uses acrylic paints to work on various sized canvases and wood. Inspired daily by the wealth of nature that surrounds her home; trees, long grasses, river and mountains are among her favourite subjects. Her body of work - hedge and river life are given a new life through her unique technique. Heavy paint poured, splashed, and twisted onto the prepared canvas and wood.

God is using her gift to share with others this beauty which was created for our protection and enjoyment. Sadly, a beauty that too often goes unnoticed. It is a gift to each for enjoyment.

She believes in God. And her one purpose is to glorify God the Creator and share His glory and majesty with others.

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Showing 1–16 of 35 results