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Artist Chris Quinlan


Chris Quinlan was Born in 1968 in Co. Tipperary, Ireland and now lives and paints in Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath. His hometown in Templemore provided the foundation for his artistry and his love of travel and nature has hugely influenced his work.

Chris is predominantly a self-taught artist, painting since 1999. His work has evolved overtime, leading to a unique and original chromoluminism/divisionism impressionistic technique of painting with an eye-catching blend of rich colours and bold textures. An inviting and vivid style, sensitivity and atmosphere that envelops the canvas.

Prices Ranging from € 200 – €5000



My paintings are the result of my desire and passion to paint. Oil Painting gives me the privilege of creating my own order to things, to reflect who I am on this colorful journey of self-discovery and to be unafraid to share what I find.

My intended goal is to capture and communicate life’s experiences, moments and memories and convey my painted definition to the viewer. To draw the viewer into the piece and to stimulate and inspire them with its textures and colour.

I am influenced by colours I see, feel and experience. I am in awe of and thoroughly inspired by the old impressionists, particularly the works of Monet, Van Gogh and Sargent with their play of objects and light.

When I begin a painting, it feels unnatural, unorganized and unbalanced, I seize the moment and completely let go and with the knowledge of a new and colourful path, I excitedly await my next adventure.

I will require a thousand lifetimes and a million canvases to paint all the concepts of my imagination.

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Jelena Straiziene

Jelena Straiziene

Born in Lithuania now living in Wexford, Jelena has had many exhibitions, both group and solo since moving to Ireland. She paints to express her feelings and thoughts.

Jelena’s art ranges in price from €250 – €1,700 where you are sure to find something to suit your taste and budget.

Browse her work here now.





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Kevin Sharkey

The Snobs Contemporary Abstract painting by artist Kevin Sharkey

Kevin Sharkey has been a full-time artist since 1992 and has become one of Ireland’s most talked about artists. He was recently described by Ireland’s Evening Herald newspaper as ‘Ireland’s most collectable artist’ with work owned by collectors worldwide.

The Snobs Contemporary Abstract painting by artist Kevin Sharkey
The Snobs
Contemporary Abstract painting by artist Kevin Sharkey

He has had sellout exhibitions in Dublin, London, Ibiza, Amsterdam and New York. In 2007 his What Colour Are Kisses? exhibition sold out completely within 48 hours. He has had gallery shows solely dedicated to his work in Dublin, Donegal, Mayo, Boyle, Ibiza and London’s Mayfair. His painting Roisin raised 26,100 euro in 2008 for People in Need in the RTÉ Telethon. His more controversial (conceptual) work has included ‘Pierce Brosnan’s Arse’ (which was banned by Unicef), Samantha Mumba’s bust and ‘Moolah’ (life sized cow covered in 50,000 euro of real banknotes – during the height of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger phenomenon).[citation needed]

Eternity Abstract painting by artist Kevin Sharkey
Abstract painting by artist Kevin Sharkey

More currently, his Public Enemy Number One exhibition is on a twelve date tour of the world (including New York, Tokyo, Rome and Rio). The controversial exhibition features amongst others Jordan as Myra Hindley, Barack Obama wearing Ku Klux Klan robes (made from U.S. flags), the Pope marrying a gay couple, a Black Bono and Angelina Jolie & Madonna passing each other in a supermarket aisle pushing trolleys full of multi-racial children. Sharkey is an internationally successful interior designer creating bold commercial and domestic interiors in Ireland, the UK, the US and Spain. One of his design projects featured in RTÉ’s Celebrity Showhouse recently.

Himself and Herself (Large painting) Contemporary Abstract painting by artist Kevin Sharkey
Himself and Herself (Large painting)
Contemporary Abstract painting by artist Kevin Sharkey

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Personal Interests
Born 1962
Dublin, Ireland
Nationality Irish
Field Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Printmaking, Ceramics, Illustration, DesignKevin Sharkey (born 1962) (Irish: Caoimhín Ó Searcaigh) is an Irish artist and designer.Early life:Sharkey was born in Dublin in 1962, but was brought up in the small town of Killybegs, County Donegal.

The Sun the Moon and the Stars Contemporary Abstract painting by artist Kevin Sharkey
The Sun the Moon and the Stars
Contemporary Abstract painting by artist Kevin Sharkey

Earlier career:

Kevin Sharkey was formerly a chef, nude model (photographed by David Bailey), interior designer, photographer and songwriter (for Bob Geldof and Boney M, for example). He was Ireland’s first ever non-white television presenter on RTÉ’s ‘Megamix’ and went on to present ‘The Roxy’ music show on ITV in the UK. He also appeared several times in Father Ted as Father Shaft, as well as becoming a ‘farmhand’ in Celebrity Farm.[citation needed]

He has spoken about being bisexual.

The Odd Couple Contemporary Abstract painting by artist Kevin Sharkey
The Odd Couple
Contemporary Abstract painting by artist Kevin Sharkey
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Irish artist Ciano

abstract painting


Can You Feel it

Ciano is an Irish visual artist living and working in Cork, Ireland. Reflecting upon a past life as a DJ & Music Producer, provided Ciano with a wealth of influences which is present in his own individual contemporary art style. Working out of his local Cork studio, mainly in acrylics combined with collage and other different materials, his work can conjure up a multitude of thoughts and emotions, inviting the viewer to spend more time reflecting upon the theme and meaning within each piece. Ciano says that when creating a piece of artwork, most of the processing stages comes out of raw emotions and feelings, and I work fluidly, allowing ideas to guide me within that instant.

abstract painting

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Artist Jelena Straiziene


Artist Jelena Strasiene

Jelena Straiziene, I was born in Lithuania (Vilnius). I began to paint, studying architecture (as one of the main subjects) at Gedimino Vilnius University (Lithuania), therefore I often use architectural elements in my works. Since I moved to Ireland in 2008, I have had several exhibitions, both group and solo. Now I live and paint in New Ross, Co.Wexford. My paintings are a means to express my feelings and thoughts, my admiration for the unique atmosphere of every moment. I love to experiment in order to better convey the mood. ARTIST STATEMENT In each of us there is a certain part where there are no taboos and conventions, where the main thing is the imagination and the freedom to express our feelings and emotions. That is what I am trying to open in my paintings. I look at the cracked paint on the wall and see objects and shapes. City lights reflected in raindrops, architectural fragments of old streets, all the moods and emotions I write in my imagination to then pass through colors and lines. Painting becomes a game of experimentation, it allows me to learn more about me and the world and a way of saying thank you for all that I see and feel.