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Artist Jelena Straiziene


Artist Jelena Strasiene

Jelena Straiziene, I was born in Lithuania (Vilnius). I began to paint, studying architecture (as one of the main subjects) at Gedimino Vilnius University (Lithuania), therefore I often use architectural elements in my works. Since I moved to Ireland in 2008, I have had several exhibitions, both group and solo. Now I live and paint in New Ross, Co.Wexford. My paintings are a means to express my feelings and thoughts, my admiration for the unique atmosphere of every moment. I love to experiment in order to better convey the mood. ARTIST STATEMENT In each of us there is a certain part where there are no taboos and conventions, where the main thing is the imagination and the freedom to express our feelings and emotions. That is what I am trying to open in my paintings. I look at the cracked paint on the wall and see objects and shapes. City lights reflected in raindrops, architectural fragments of old streets, all the moods and emotions I write in my imagination to then pass through colors and lines. Painting becomes a game of experimentation, it allows me to learn more about me and the world and a way of saying thank you for all that I see and feel.