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The Art of Aia Leu: A Journey Through Landscape and Spirit

Aia Leu is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Kenmare, Ireland.

Aia Leu is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Kenmare, Ireland.

Her paintings are inspired by the natural beauty of the Irish landscape, as well as her own spiritual journey. Leu’s work is characterized by its vibrant colors, bold brushstrokes, and dreamlike atmosphere.


Aia Leu was born in Switzerland in 1971. She spent her childhood in India, and this early exposure to different cultures and religions has had a profound influence on her art. Leu’s paintings often feature symbols from different religious traditions, such as the lotus flower, the tree of life, and the sun.

Aia Leu moved to Ireland in 1989, and she has been living and working in Kenmare ever since. The Irish landscape is a major source of inspiration for her work. She often paints the mountains, the sea, and the forests of Kerry. Leu’s paintings are also inspired by her own spiritual journey. She is a practicing Buddhist, and her paintings often reflect her Buddhist beliefs.

Aia work has been exhibited in galleries and exhibitions all over Ireland. She has also illustrated several books. Her art can be bought on, an online art gallery that features a wide variety of original Irish art for sale.

Macgillycuddy’s Reeks sunrise over the mountains - Irish Landscape painting - The sun glints off the mountain peaks of the Kerry Mountains

Aia Leu is a talented artist who is creating beautiful and thought-provoking work. Her paintings are a journey through landscape and spirit, and they offer a glimpse into the artist’s own unique vision of the world.

The Bay – Derrynane, county Kerry. Irish seascape painting -summer sun glints off the sea as the path follows the shoreline of Derrynane Bay


If you are interested in learning more about Aia Leu’s work, you can follow her on social media. You can also purchase her paintings from her online store or from


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this blog post about Aia Leu. I encourage you to explore her work and to see for yourself why she is one of Ireland’s most exciting contemporary artists.

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Artist Bernadette Carter

Artist Bernadette Carter paints landscapes and seascapes, portraits that evoke a sense of warmth and intimacy and often feature children

An Overview of the Work of Artist Bernadette Carter

Bernadette Carter is an artist based in Gorey, Wexford. She has had her work exhibited widely across Ireland, including at the RHA Gallagher Gallery in Dublin, Trinity Gallery Dublin, Green Acres Gallery Wexford, and Oireachtas Annual and Eigse Carlow. Her vibrant works are inspired by Irish culture and everyday life, with a focus on landscapes and seascapes. This blog post will provide insight into her artwork and how it reflects her background.

Bernadette’s Artwork
Bernadette’s artworks typically feature bright colours juxtaposed against a muted background. Many of her pieces depict Irish landscapes or seascapes—from country roads to rolling hills to the ever-changing ocean horizon. Her signature style combines realism with impressionistic elements; she captures both the beauty and intensity of nature in her artworks using oil paints, acrylics, charcoal and mixed media techniques.

In addition to landscapes and seascapes, Bernadette also creates portraits that evoke a sense of warmth and intimacy. In these pieces—which often feature children or animals—she focuses on capturing emotion through expression rather than strict realism. Her use of vivid colours lends a vibrancy to these works that draws viewers in effortlessly.

Drawing Inspiration from Irish Culture
Bernadette’s artworks are deeply rooted in Irish culture. She takes inspiration from traditional Irish music as well as from the stories shared among family members and friends growing up in Wexford County where she currently resides. She often finds herself drawn to old churches, castles ruins and ancient monuments when looking for subject matter for her artwork—capturing their beauty while also conveying the spirit of past generations who once lived there.

The artwork of Bernadette Carter is an exploration into Irish culture and history through landscape painting as well as portraiture work that speaks to humanity’s universal experiences such as love, joy, grief and sorrow. From vibrant seascapes to captivating portraits that convey a deep sense of emotion—every piece created by this talented artist reflects an appreciation for Ireland’s heritage while embodying a modern aesthetic all its own. Whether you’re looking for a piece that celebrates your heritage or one that captures your favourite view of Ireland’s countryside—Bernadette’s work is sure to add some colour, life and meaning to any home or office space! Check out her paintings for sale on art4you Ireland’s online art gallery



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Artist Brian Keating’s

Artist Brian Keating's strives to create a composition that captures the moment in time and portrays all the movements within and surrounding

The Art of Capturing a Moment in Time: A Look at Brian Keating’s Artwork

Original watercolour and ink artwork. Painting of Grafton Street is a principal shopping area in Dublin city Centre

There are few artists who could accurately capture the energy, movement and direction of a scene in one painting like Dublin-born Brian Keating. As an artist, his works have been featured in numerous solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Through his artistry, he strives to create a composition that captures the moment in time and portrays all the movements within and surrounding it. Let’s take a closer look at how he achieves this feat.

The Process Behind His Art
Before beginning any piece, Keating studies the scene carefully, observing the overall dynamics of the action taking place and analyzing the interactions between the subject and its environment. He then begins to sketch out his ideas on paper – this helps him get an understanding of how he wants to portray these elements in his painting. After that, he starts painting on canvas or wood panel depending on what size he would like for the artwork.

The Technique Used by Keating
Keating’s technique consists mostly of lines and colors which project activity as if it were abundant in a fraction of time – capturing a momentary hesitation or glimpse into seconds ahead. He believes that color is integral to conveying emotion through his work so he uses bright hues such as pink, orange, yellow or green to bring out dynamic energy while still maintaining balance with neutral tones such as black, white or gray. By using this approach with thick lines that define objects or figures against their backgrounds, he can effectively depict movement within each artwork.

Painting of Merchants Arch Dublin Streetscene Painting an watercolour and ink artwork for sale on Ireland's on art gallery

Brian Keating is an artist whose works have featured in numerous solo exhibitions across the globe due to his unique technique for capturing moments in time. His pieces are truly captivating as they use bold colors and thin lines to portray energy and movement within each creation. If you’re ever looking for art that stands out from the rest, be sure to check out some of Keating’s artwork for sale on


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Artist Brian Scampton

Brian Scampton - A Professional Artist Specializing in Coastal and Urban Landscapes

Brian Scampton – A Professional Artist Specializing in Coastal and Urban Landscapes

Irish seascape painting County Antrim - A painting of the early morning mist over the sea at Whitepark Bay in County Antrim, Northern Ireland

For over two decades, Brian Scampton has been a professional artist specializing in coastal and urban landscapes. His work is characterized by his interest in the atmospheric effects and emotional power of light, shadow, and color. In his paintings he strives to create a quiet and contemplative mood. If you are looking for artwork that captures the beauty and atmosphere of seascapes, then Brian’s work would be perfect for your collection.

Brian’s portfolio includes rural homesteads, lighthouses, sandy coves, ancient ruined fortresses, disused boathouses and other remnants of past habitations. He works with both acrylics and oils to bring alive his motifs in stunning detail. His subject matter is varied but he focuses mainly on depicting elements of sky, sea and coastal land with an eye for capturing the subtle nuances of light and shade within each scene. He also pays great attention to composition to ensure that each painting evokes an emotional response from the viewer.

Shore Rock - Irish seascape painting by Irish artist. A painting of a rock on the shore of Lough Foyle. Ireland's online art

Brian is highly respected among collectors for his ability to recreate a sense of tranquility in each painting through use of light and shadow as well as color palette. His works have been displayed throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, North America as well as Ireland where he currently resides. He also offers commissions if you would like him to paint something special for you or your loved one.

It is no surprise that so many art fans admire the work of Brian Scampton since it reflects his deep appreciation for nature’s beauty combined with skillful technique demonstrated through years of practice. Whether you are looking to add a sophisticated piece to your art collection or simply want a unique gift idea, be sure to check out Brian’s body of work today! You won’t be disappointed! Buy his art on Ireland’s online art gallery

Irish seascape painting of Lough Foyle Donegal by Irish artist. Check out our large selection of paintings of famous places in Ireland

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Artist Ciano

Pop art for sale by Irish artist Ciano - check out our large selection of pop art for sale on Ireland's online art gallery

The Creative Journey of Ciano, the Cork Artist

Ciano is a abstract artist from Cork, Ireland who creates large-scale expressive paintings that are imbued with unfettered emotion. His work is an ever-changing fusion of acrylics, spray paint and mixed media that illuminates the sentiments that resonate within us all. His creative journey began in childhood when his drawing and painting skills earned him numerous awards. Today, let’s explore his artistry and discover how he has mastered his craft to become one of Ireland’s most sought after artists.

Original Contemporary Artwork for sale by Irish artist Ciano - check out our large selection of art for sale on Ireland's online art gallery

Ciano’s Artistic Process
When creating, Ciano begins with a blank canvas and then lets his emotions lead the way. He employs everything from brushstrokes to layers of material to convey what he calls “the chaotic visceral nature of the human experience”. He uses vivid colors like red and yellow to create tension while calming blues and greens allow for moments of peace in his works. Using these colors as a palette, he creates a landscape filled with abstract shapes to bring out a sense of movement in his pieces. He also adds texture by combining different materials such as wood or metal which add depth to his work.

Abstract art for sale on Ireland's online art gallery. Paintings by Irish artist with free delivery on most art. But now or make an offer

The Influence of Nature on His Work
Nature has been a major influence on Ciano’s work since childhood when he would spend time outdoors observing wildlife which he often incorporates into his pieces. For example, birds are often featured in many of his works depicting freedom or movement through life’s struggles or changes in our lives. Animals also feature prominently in some of his works conveying the idea that we can learn from them about life and how it can be unpredictable yet beautiful at times. Additionally, Ciano believes that nature helps give us clarity by allowing us to take time away from everyday life so we can reflect on our own experiences and emotions without distractions. This idea is often seen in many of Ciano’s pieces where we see abstract figures surrounded by nature as if they were taking refuge in it for comfort or clarity during their own journey through life’s complexities.


Ciano has certainly come far since earning art awards during childhood; today he is one of Ireland’s most sought after artists who continues to push boundaries with each masterpiece he produces! Through bold strokes and powerful color palettes, Ciano creates works that speak directly to our souls about our own personal journeys through life’s complexities — even if only for a moment — leaving us feeling inspired as we move forward on our paths towards self-discovery and growth. If you would like to learn more about the artist or purchase one of his unique works please visit

Original Contemporary Modern Abstract Painting - check out our large selection of pop art for sale on Ireland's online art gallery


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Artist Chris Quinlan


Chris Quinlan was Born in 1968 in Co. Tipperary, Ireland and now lives and paints in Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath. His hometown in Templemore provided the foundation for his artistry and his love of travel and nature has hugely influenced his work.

Chris is predominantly a self-taught artist, painting since 1999. His work has evolved overtime, leading to a unique and original chromoluminism/divisionism impressionistic technique of painting with an eye-catching blend of rich colours and bold textures. An inviting and vivid style, sensitivity and atmosphere that envelops the canvas.

Prices Ranging from € 200 – €5000



My paintings are the result of my desire and passion to paint. Oil Painting gives me the privilege of creating my own order to things, to reflect who I am on this colorful journey of self-discovery and to be unafraid to share what I find.

My intended goal is to capture and communicate life’s experiences, moments and memories and convey my painted definition to the viewer. To draw the viewer into the piece and to stimulate and inspire them with its textures and colour.

I am influenced by colours I see, feel and experience. I am in awe of and thoroughly inspired by the old impressionists, particularly the works of Monet, Van Gogh and Sargent with their play of objects and light.

When I begin a painting, it feels unnatural, unorganized and unbalanced, I seize the moment and completely let go and with the knowledge of a new and colourful path, I excitedly await my next adventure.

I will require a thousand lifetimes and a million canvases to paint all the concepts of my imagination.

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Dorota Raczynska

Dorota Raczynska

Self taught Dublin artist who uses painting to relax. Uses mostly acrylics but sometimes oils. Inspired by nature and landscapes.

Paintings range from €100 to €730 where you’re sure to find something to suit your taste and budget.


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Justyna Szerszen

Justyna Szerszen

Originally from Poland now living in Co. Donegal. Strongly influenced by impressionist art. Self taught and uses mainly acrylic and oils.
Paintings ranging from €90 to €350 you’re sure to find something to your taste and budget.
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Jelena Straiziene

Jelena Straiziene

Born in Lithuania now living in Wexford, Jelena has had many exhibitions, both group and solo since moving to Ireland. She paints to express her feelings and thoughts.

Jelena’s art ranges in price from €250 – €1,700 where you are sure to find something to suit your taste and budget.

Browse her work here now.