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Artist Brian Keating’s

Artist Brian Keating's strives to create a composition that captures the moment in time and portrays all the movements within and surrounding

The Art of Capturing a Moment in Time: A Look at Brian Keating’s Artwork

Original watercolour and ink artwork. Painting of Grafton Street is a principal shopping area in Dublin city Centre

There are few artists who could accurately capture the energy, movement and direction of a scene in one painting like Dublin-born Brian Keating. As an artist, his works have been featured in numerous solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Through his artistry, he strives to create a composition that captures the moment in time and portrays all the movements within and surrounding it. Let’s take a closer look at how he achieves this feat.

The Process Behind His Art
Before beginning any piece, Keating studies the scene carefully, observing the overall dynamics of the action taking place and analyzing the interactions between the subject and its environment. He then begins to sketch out his ideas on paper – this helps him get an understanding of how he wants to portray these elements in his painting. After that, he starts painting on canvas or wood panel depending on what size he would like for the artwork.

The Technique Used by Keating
Keating’s technique consists mostly of lines and colors which project activity as if it were abundant in a fraction of time – capturing a momentary hesitation or glimpse into seconds ahead. He believes that color is integral to conveying emotion through his work so he uses bright hues such as pink, orange, yellow or green to bring out dynamic energy while still maintaining balance with neutral tones such as black, white or gray. By using this approach with thick lines that define objects or figures against their backgrounds, he can effectively depict movement within each artwork.

Painting of Merchants Arch Dublin Streetscene Painting an watercolour and ink artwork for sale on Ireland's on art gallery

Brian Keating is an artist whose works have featured in numerous solo exhibitions across the globe due to his unique technique for capturing moments in time. His pieces are truly captivating as they use bold colors and thin lines to portray energy and movement within each creation. If you’re ever looking for art that stands out from the rest, be sure to check out some of Keating’s artwork for sale on


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